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Father's Day - Father's and Daughter's

There's something special the bond between father and daughter . On your daughter's wedding day that bond becomes another level, the love and emotion is at it's best, we experience, see and feel the love, when Peter picks up the Bride and dad in Belle.

The journey in Belle to the ceremony gives Daughter and Father the opportunity to soak up all the emotions, the love, the excitement and nerves.

But for the Father it's very special to have his daughter, his little girl now a beautiful woman about to embark upon her own journey of starting her new life with the love of her life to maybe creating her own family, and a wonderful new chapter in her dad's life.

We cannot under estimate the bond too between Father and Son, and that too shines through on Wedding Days.

My gosh how many tears of love and happiness have flowed, we can definitely vouched for that as we have shed many wonderful happy tears at our Son and Daughter's weddings.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY , we hope you have a fantastic day, especially to new Dad's celebrating their first Father's Day - to you David enjoy with little Oli James xx

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