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Mums are a wonder

Updated: May 1, 2021

We love our Mum's more than anything, and here at Wedding Belle it's such a pretty special sight to see Mums and their daughter's together on their daughter's wedding day and most definitely Mother in Laws- I for one - have the most amazing beautiful daughter and to see her now with her daughter- it's very emotional beautiful to witness. And we also have the most beautiful gorgeous daughter-in law who herself is going to be a Mummy in a couple of months time. Peter and I are extremely proud.

We welcome you to share your thoughts and stories of relationships you have with your daughter as over the years our relationships evolve from the trying times of teenagers!!! to into their young adult life into the workplace and beyond. To be very honest... our daughter the little rebel she was .... a couple of years were rough and as someone said hang onto the surf board and ride the tidal wave... we did and I'm the happiest proudest Mum on the planet. She grew into this amazing young woman, took on the world in her gentle unique way, a very hard worker who went onto to carve out her niche in Beauty industry, working for a company and then brought the business on her own with no help at the age of 21!! Now fast forward nearly 5 years- very successful and her business prime location in a busy Bunbury shopping centre next door to a big known company. BUT nothing pails in significance of her becoming a MUM, I never seen such love all the time given to their beautiful baby - but hey I might be biases ... we have recently done a 4 Generation photo shoot with the lovely Lisa Jackson Photography - which when on the day, was something special sitting still and been looking at my Mum, our daughter with her daughter !!

I love- but only had the chance on a couple of occasions- to be able to capture photos of Mums- it's usually about the bride and her Dad in Belle.

Here is a question - and hopefully not a loaded one- did you have the privilege to be involved in helping planning of your daughter or son's wedding. Was it a wonderful experience which brought you closer together- or too stressful.

Or your daughter/son and their partners planned and organised mainly everything themselves and on the day, you were taken back at the wonder of all their hard work, with the setup of the ceremony/venue etc which they created an incredible day filled with amazing memories.

I am so lucky that I have been part of BOTH.

Our Daughters Wedding

Our Son's wedding - connection we have with our daughter-in-law

Sons and Mothers too can have a great connection which is just as special as Mothers and Daughters.

One Mum in particular love to share this story with you -

Both Peter and I were waiting for the Bride - ( she was very Late) and while waiting some of the Bridesmaids came out to admire "Belle" they must have gone inside and commented- the Brides Mum and dad - Robyn & Dave came and looked at "Belle" and to say 'hello'. As Robyn was admiring Belle, I couldn't help but to say to Robyn how beautiful she looked and how gorgeous her gown was and be complemented with "Belle" in her golden dress and asked her to stand next to "Belle" for some photo's, she was stunning. Robyn at first was shy and saying how she was no Elle McPherson- in my eyes she was... as you can see in these photos you might agree. I called her "Elle McPherson" from then on and said she was our new Pin up girl for "Belle". A few days later I printed off a small block mount photo and took it into her work, as truly believed how beautiful she looked, and 1 of her and Dave- she was full on emotion and appreciation , as it turned out it was the only photo taken of her and Dave on the day.

" We had a lovely experience with Wedding Belle and Bridal and Car. It was my daughters wedding and Robyn and Pete went above and beyond to make the day so special. Robyn even bought me in two mounted photographs, one of myself and the car and one of my husband and I. They are honestly the nicest photos that we have had taken of the pair of us. Their kindness and professionalism is second to none and we highly recommend them. If you need to travel anywhere in style and elegance; PLEASE call Robyn and Pete. They are amazing!!!

Thank you so much for a fabulous experience. - Robyn and David Regan from Busselton"

I do hope we may meet at your daughters or sons wedding and I can add you to our beautiful mothers photo page, in the meantime here are a couple more photos of beautiful and proud Mums and Mum-in-laws


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