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Wedding & Special Events

Wedding Belle Bridal and Car Event Hire 


About   Us

We offer Bridal and Event Car Hire with an Old Time Glamour to enhance your special occasion.  Servicing the beautiful South West of Western Australia: Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton and Bunbury Outer Region area’s.


We pride ourselves on delivering a very Professional, Dedicated and down to earth 5 Star rating service to our clients. We are ODBS licensed owner/operators who have a lifetime passion and a collection of beautiful cars and present them in pristine condition.  If you like to know more about Peter & I please go to my blog page. 



Our Car's

 Our classic 1957 Chevy Bel Air &  Caprice Stateman is perfect for a range of special occasions:

  • Wedding Day

  • Marriage Proposals

  • Engagements

  • Special Anniversaries

  • Special Occasion Birthdays

  • Event Car Hire

chevy shoebridge wedding 8.jpg
Iconic 57 Chevy 
Is one of the most iconic vehicles of American muscle cars. It's popular and well sort after car and is often known as an auto icon.
Manufactured craftmanship is 2nd to none and even down to smaller details are something to behold.With a 350 Big block engine and has that nice V8 rumble, Belle is every inch the elegant lady, with WOW interior. Red interior, black upholstery with Silver thread woven in

1957 Chevy is one of the most iconic American classic cars - It's a popular well sort after car & is often known as an auto icon. Every inch of  the 57 has been made, built  and  manufactured to high craftmanship down to every small detail . 

Belle comes with 350 cube inch engine, and has that throaty V8 rumble  -

Belle is every inch an elegant lady - with stunning interior - with WOW factor . Her red interior with black and silver thread woven into her upholstery. Air Conditioned. 


All you need to know about choosing the perfect car for your event PLUS tips & tricks to help you create a special event. 



2014 Caprice 

Holden Caprice V 2014 Review

Local luxo is a fine mix of grunt and grace

Holden Caprice V
Road Test - Car Sales 2014 

As far as final tributes to local luxury, the Caprice is as fitting as one could expect. Holden engineers have produced a car that is far superior to its predecessor, making it more efficient and better value as well as a superior steer. 

 it makes sense to slide into the copious back seat region, where leg-room is beyond business class. Handily, there’s a monitor stored in the front headrest backs, with two sets of headphones to offer rear-chair passengers on-the-go visual entertainment There’s ample head and elbow-room "

Review from CarAdvice  2014 

It is a match for high-end limousines from the big three Germans (AudiBMW and Mercedes-Benz), plus Lexus and Jaguar when it comes to sheer passenger and cargo space, as it always has been. 

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